About EZ Smart Tools

As a kid, Mark Ramsey would drive his mom nuts. Her frustration stemmed from him continually fiddling with products around the house—always trying to see how he could make well-functioning tools even better.

Mark turned his passion for tinkering in the garage into EZ Smart Tools—retailers’ best source for the highest-quality home extension pole tools in the DIY industry.

As a property manager, Mark often found tools too awkward to accomplish the job on hand—cleaning gutters and cobwebs, pruning branches, removing debris and snow from roofs during cold Midwestern winters.

His dedication drove him to make a better product.

EZ Smart Tools are built so you can reach unreachable spots with both feet on the ground. This makes jobs safer and easier. The extension pole tools are designed with innovative features and the ultra-lightweight, snap-together extension pole is made specifically for easy storage, making them must-haves for homeowners and property managers who are serious about their home cleanup projects.

No detail has been spared to create shipping and packaging efficiencies that cut production costs all of the way from the factory floor to store shelves.

Since Mark started EZ Smart in 2014, his nearly indestructible, sustainably-built products have earned eight patents, seven utility patents and one design patent with six more patents pending.

Truly, these are the extension pole tools of the future.

Your customers will be thrilled with products that make their property care tasks easier and safer. No more using dangerous ladders or crawling across roofs to get the job done.

Retailers need not worry about returns and disappointed customers. Once your customers learn how these tools can simplify their home cleanup, they’ll be back for more.

Are EZ Smart Tools right for your customers? Let us know how we can help you give them “help within reach.”