Easy. Smart. That’s been the guiding principle since we started EZ Smart in 2014.

It started by solving our own problem: how to safely clear heavy snow from a midwestern roof. That problem led to the creation of the EZ Smart Roof Rake. It made a dangerous job safer and easier. It was a smart solution.

So smart, in fact, it quickly led to the development of other solutions tailored to the needs of homeowners and property managers. Today, these sustainably-built products have earned a total of 13 patents with three more patents pending.

Built on a core idea—a practical, easy to use, lightweight yet strong extension pole system—the EZ Smart product line has grown to encompass durable tools that solve in-demand problems around the house, garage, or any building. Best of all, these products have made a mark where it matters, creating satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.


EZ Smart products are designed and manufactured with a long reach in mind. Nearly indestructible, these tools are sustainably-built to last for years to come. Shipping and packaging efficiencies reduce waste all the way from the factory floor to the store shelf.

Questions about your EZ Smart Tool?

EZ Smart tools are covered by a two-year warranty (see details here). If you have a question or concern about our products, or want to learn where you can buy more tools, contact us today.

Want to put EZ Smart within your customers’ reach?

When buyers see the EZ Smart name they know there’s help within reach. We’re always open to new retail outlets to help us spread the word and make work smarter, easier, and safer. Contact us to put these on your shelves and in your customer’s hands.