Snow Roof Rake

Industry’s only adjustable snow rake blade. Patented V-blade adjusts from 12”– 36″ providing better snow removal and easier access to hard-to-reach spots.

Power Cobweb Duster

Industry’s only battery-powered cobweb duster. Two-speed motor and adjustable elbow allows users to effortlessly reach and remove cobwebs, bugs, and dust.


Turbine technology, two-speeds, lighter, stronger and complete with two rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries. PRE-ORDER NOW!

Pruning Saw

Two saws in one: use as a pole saw for high branches, or handheld for lower growth and logs. Hooked end easily shears suckers.

Handy Hook

Fantastic multi-purpose hook can be used in countless ways. Reaching objects that would normally require a ladder.

Find the EZ Smart Extension Pole Tool System at your local Ace Hardware or True Value store.

Power Cobweb Duster

Dust out-of-reach places. No ladder required. Battery-powered brush gets even stubborn cobwebs, bugs and dust.

Snow Roof Rake

As snow builds up on your roof, so do weight and stress. Stop ice dams and prevent leaks by keeping your roof clear of snow.

Pruning Saw

Use as a pole saw for pruning high limbs or branches or as a handheld saw for pruning and trimming lower branches and logs.

Fruit Picker

Gently harvest fruit, vegetables and nuts from high branches — now any fruit can be low-hanging fruit.

Mini Rake

Mini Rake is great for removing leaves and branches from roofs, gutters and other out-of-reach areas where debris accumulates.

Handy Hook

Install lights, decorate the house, hang bird feeders, take it camping—use it for any job you thought was out of reach.

Inspection Mirror

Ideal for inspecting hard-to-reach locations — anyplace you need to see what you’ve been missing.


Gutter Blower

The EZ Smart Gutter Blower is a powerful, lightweight blower that allows you to clean gutters safely, with both feet on the ground.

Extension Pole

Compact segments adjust to the length you need. Overlapping connections snap together for greater stability.


Extend your reach by almost two feet. Compact segments adjust to the length you need. Snap together for greater stability.