Ladder Falls: The Scary Statistics

We created the EZsmart Gutter Cleaner to eliminate your chances of falling off a ladder while cleaning your gutters. Sadly, it’s a serious danger. Anyone who sets foot on a ladder is taking a risk with their safety; ladder falls happen all too often.

In an effort to show just how dangerous using a ladder can be, we’ve compiled a list of statistics on ladder falls.

According the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, every year 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries and approximately 300 of these incidents prove to be fatal. They further estimated that ladder-related injuries effectively cost the public in excess of $11 billion annually.

In 2007 alone, more than 400 people died as a result of falls on or from ladders or scaffolding.

-Liberty Mutual - Research Institute for Safety

Fatal falls, by type of fall, 2009, over one-third involved falls from roofs or ladders. Out of 617 falls, 20% were from the ladder, 18% were from the roof.

-U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor, 2010

Work-related fatal falls, by type of fall, 2010, nearly two-fifths involved falls from roofs or ladders. Out of 646 falls, 20% were from the ladder, 18% were from the roof.

-U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor, 2011

Ladder-related injuries per 100,000 people rose almost 27% during the 16-year study period, 97.3% occurred in non-occupational settings, such as homes and farms.  More than 2.1 million people needed to be hospitalized, about twice the overall admission rate for consumer-product related injuries.

Study conclusion: Given the 50% increase in ladder-related injuries during the study period, the relatively high likelihood of hospital admission, and the predominance of injuries in non-occupational settings, increased efforts are needed to prevent ladder-related injuries.

As these statistics show, ladder falls and injuries are no joke. Thousands of people are injured and hundreds die each year from ladder-related falls. We sincerely hope the EZsmart Gutter Cleaner can help play a part in the reduction of these numbers going forward. So remember, when it’s time to clean your gutters, stay safe and keep your feet on the ground and your ladder in the garage.