How To Clean Gutters Without A Ladder

Updated on August 5, 2016. 

Does this sound familiar? You have wet leaves or pine needles in your gutter, so you climb up the ladder. Clean the gutter. Climb down the ladder. Move the ladder. Repeat.

And hopefully not fall off the ladder.

It's time to learn how to clean gutters without a ladder.

This long, dangerous process of climbing up a ladder to remove dirt, debris and leaves from your gutters is unfortunately the norm. It’s even tougher when you’ve got a big house with a lot of gutters and multiple stories or uneven ground.

There has got to be a solution out there on how to clean gutters without a ladder, right?

There is. The EZsmart Gutter Cleaner System and EZsmart Gutter Cleaning Kit.

How to Clean Gutters Without a Ladder

We have designed our ladder free solution to be the most efficient and safest way to clean gutters. And we are proud to say that’s exactly what it is.

This tool is more than just a tool. It's a complete gutter cleaning system. 

The EZsmart Gutter Cleaner is compact, lightweight and attaches to any standard sized extension pole to make it easy to clean your gutters with the 120 mph of air that it packs, while staying on the ground.

Why bother cleaning gutters without a ladder?

According to the CDC, every year 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries? Ladders are dangerous and should only be used if the job absolutely requires it.

If you must use one, here are some quick tips from our 7 Best Ladder Safety Tips blog post.

Ladder Safety Tip 1: Use the right sized ladder (and don’t stretch it)

When using a ladder, there should be at least 3 feet of ladder extending above the surface of whatever it is you’re working on. Reaching too much could put you off balance and that could have terrible results.

Ladder Safety Tip 2: Find a firm footing on a level surface

You should never place a ladder on an uneven surface. Even the slightest tilt could cause the ladder to wobble as you climb higher and higher.

The best tip we can give you is to avoid the ladder; it is best for your safety and the safety of the people you love. We have a goal to reduce the number of ladder incidents with the EZsmart Gutter Cleaner. 

How does it work?

We have made this a cleaning system, not just another tool. That means that it's actually 2 gutter cleaning tools. This ensures that whatever is potentially clogging your gutters, the EZsmart System can handle. Whether it's heavy wet leaves or debris. Or dry leaves and thin pine needles this single system and can handle it. All from the safety of the ground and not up on a dangerous ladder. The whole job should take just minutes.

The two pieces that make the EZsmart Gutter Cleaner work efficiently are: 

1. Blower Unit

Rather than a vacuum, we use a powerful blower. The blower comes with an 120 MPH motor with the rechargeable battery. Perfect for handling dry debris and pine needles.

2. 15 Foot Attachment Pole with Rake

The 15 foot collapsible aluminum pole helps reach up to those gutters. The gutter rake is an attachment that can easily scrape and lift heavy dirt and debris. Such as mud and compacted wet leaves.  

Design Features:

Part of the solution is the heavy-duty, durable design that allows the EZsmart Gutter Cleaner to slide effortlessly along any style of gutter, whether it be wide gutters or narrow ones, metal gutters or plastic. The EZsmart Gutter Cleaner can handle it all! And with the extension pole attached, the EZsmart Gutter Cleaner can easily reach up to the second floor of a house. The whole idea of the design is so that it moves along any gutter and avoids hitting the hangers as it slides across them.

Once you have put together the unit and have made sure it is charged, give the on and off button on top of the unit a push to get the motor blowing. The reason we designed the button on top of the unit is so that you can push the button against the gutter –or wall– and you will never have to bring the unit down. This allows you to continue to walk around the house as you clean your gutters and is our solution for how to clean gutters without a ladder. 

Rotating Nozzle

The rotating nozzle can be adjusted so no matter the direction it is moving down the gutter, it will be at the right angle to blow the leaves out. The design of this adjustable nozzle features fins that allow you to rotate the nozzle on the edge of the gutter without ever having to bring the blower down. This rotating nozzle will let you adjust the angle of the tip if it’s ever pointing in the wrong direction. This makes going down both directions a breeze!

Attachable Hose Tip

The attachable hose tip also allows you to clean your downspouts and other hard to reach places. Just click the adjustable attachment into place and you have a powerful handheld blower that can easily clear leaves and virtually any other type of debris from your yard, patio, garage or sidewalk. So not only is the gutter cleaner our solution on how to clean gutters without a ladder, it also has multiple purposes. With just a bend of the hose, you can aim the attachment any direction you need to help you get into those downspouts and other tough areas.

It truly is a year-round product, you can use it to blow off the patio after you have cleaned the gutters, after you have mowed the yard, to clean out the garage and whatever else you need it to blow all year round.

This tool was created to give you a safe alternative on how to clean gutters without a ladder. The EZsmart Gutter Cleaner not only allows you to keep your gutters clean and maintained,  but it can also be used as a handheld blower. The EZsmart Gutter Cleaner is truly a multi-purpose tool. We can’t wait to see what other uses homeowners find for their EZsmart Gutter Cleaner. Stay safe, stay off the ladder and keep an eye on our blog for more ideas and announcements.

You can watch more from our video below.