DIY Don'ts: 4 Signs To Call A Professional

We aim to be a great resource for homeowners who take pride in keeping their homes looking great and doing it themselves. But with some tasks, it’s best that you enlist the services of a professional. So when you’re wavering on that line of, “should I try this myself, or should I call in a pro?” keep these DIY don’ts in mind. 

Is it dangerous?

Trust us, we know how good it feels to accomplish a home project yourself, especially if it’s something you haven’t had a ton of experience doing. But don’t let your excitement and pride blind you to potential dangers. Some projects carry risk that only trained professionals are really equipped to deal with. If the thought that the project could be dangerous crosses your mind, then just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Don’t let danger draw you in, be weary, be safe, call the professional! 

Are you using the wrong tools?

If you find yourself needing one tool but thinking that you can make do with another, think again. Using an improper tool for the job at hand is just asking for something to go wrong. Whether it’s just plain shoddy results or even damaging the tool or injuring yourself, it’s just not worth it. Either go get the right tools or call someone that has the right tools. You can’t play dodgeball with a wrench. 

How much are you going to save?

We know a good part of the thrill of DIY-ing is knowing that you save money every time you complete a project yourself. But before you dive into that project head-first, do your research and find out how much it would cost for a professional to do the same thing. Will you save enough in the end to make it worth your time and effort? You’d be surprised what a trip to the craft store will cost you and therefore this tip makes it in our list of DIY don'ts, it’s not fun to waste money. 

What happens if you make a mistake?

Though you never expect something to go wrong, ask yourself what the consequences are if you do make a mistake. Is it a simple fix or a massive, potentially expensive inconvenience? Is there a chance you are going to put a big hole in your wall? Ruin your siding? Break something?  Weigh the chances of making an error and what their consequences would be, and if you still feel safe, go for it! 

Remember to ask yourself these four questions any time you are about to attempt a DIY project. We know how good it feels to add a new skill to your arsenal, but be smart about what projects you choose to take on and keep these DIY don'ts in mind. You could end up saving yourself a major headache.