Are You Making These Common Homeowner Mistakes?

As a proud homeowner, you would never consciously do anything that harms your home or negatively affects its value. But, there are lots of small things you may be doing without realizing that they can have serious negative side effects over time. There are a lot of common homeowner mistakes but here are a few habits in particular we think you should try to break as soon as possible. 

Slamming the front door.

While slamming the door is just not good manners, it can also present logistical problems you may not have thought of. The heavier the door is, the more pressure you’re putting on the jamb and hinges when you forcefully close it. This can result in a weakening of the bond between the two as well as a gap that can appear and let moisture and cold air in. Close the door softly or replace the hinges with a set that allows you to do so more easily. 

Overusing extension cords.

If you live in an older house without very many outlets, you’re well aware of the unfortunate necessity of extension cords. They’re unsightly and inconvenient but they get the job done. But they can also be a major fire hazard. When you need an extension cord, buy a quality one. If you have old looking ones that have been laying around as long as you can remember, throw them out. You’ll be glad you did. 

Misusing drywall screws.

Sure, all screws kind of look the same, but in reality they are not. Drywall screws won’t do a proper job of holding much of anything weighty in place on most typical walls. Unless you like the thrill of hearing loud crashes as things fall off your wall in the middle of the night, pick up a selection of screws for all purposes so you always have the right tool for the job.

Walking on the roof.

Sure it can be fun to go out on the roof, but it’s not very safe. And beyond that, it can cause damage to your roofing, AND, even if it doesn’t directly damage your roofing, it does render your manufacturer’s warranty void. So if you’re thinking about going out on the roof for any reason, think again. 

Ignoring gutters.

And last but certainly not least, don’t ignore your gutters! Cleaning them is a simple task that can save you a major headache down the road. Neglected gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and run down the sides of your house, causing irreparable damage to your walls and foundation.

How many of these common homeowner mistakes are you guilty of? We hope these tips are helpful in your effort to continue to be the best homeowner you can be!