Gutter Cleaning Kit

Gutter Cleaning Kit


Stay Grounded.

The EZsmart Gutter Cleaning Kit is the most thorough and practical way to get all the gunk that is looming in your gutters up and out, without getting on a ladder. The EZsmart Kit allows you to easily reach your gutters with the extension pole that reaches 18 feet, see what debris is in your gutters with the mirror attachment, simultaneously cleaning them out, and breaks up matted down gunk with the double sided rake attachment.

The Kit is perfect for all gutters, especially if you have not cleaned out your gutters in a long time, or even worse... can't remember the last time. Gutters need to be cleaned multiple times a year. The EZsmart Kit is an easy and efficient way to make sure that your gutters are clean, no matter the condition that they are in. 


Product Features

EZ Extension Pole

  • Universal extension pole for any type of tool
  • Super strong, ribbed pole for maximum stability
  • Reaches 18 feet with the ability to clean gutters on most two story houses

Gutter Rake

  • Removes the toughest wet gunk, weeds, mud, and any other debris looming in your gutters 
  • Double pronged rake for effective back and forth movement
  • Easy attachment to the EZ extension pole

Mirror Attachment

  • See what's in your gutters and review your work without ever getting a ladder out
  • Easy attachment to the EZ extension pole
  • Simultaneously see what's in your gutters and blow or rake out the debris