Gutter Cleaning ExtenSion Pole

  • Purchase as part of the Gutter Cleaning System or separately with the Gutter Cleaning Kit
  • Universal extension poll for any type of tool
  • Super strong, ribbed poll for maximum strength
  • Reaches 18 feet and can easily reach gutters on 2 story homes
IMG_7809 jpg.jpg

Super Long: 18 foot Reach 

Eliminate the need for a ladder. Our Gutter Cleaning Pole reaches up to 18 feet. Long enough for any single story and most two story homes.


Super Strong aluminum

Unlike most extension poles, our EZ Gutter Cleaning Pole is super strong. You won't see it curve or bend like our competitors. Its made from aluminum and ribbed technology creates maximum strength. 


universal for other attachments

Although the EZ Gutter Cleaning Pole is designed as part of the EZ Smart Gutter Cleaning System, your purchase gives you another great tool for your needs. The universal design allows its use for any other type of tool.