EZsmart Gutter Cleaning System

The easiest, fastest, safest and most thorough way to clean your gutters in just minutes, not hours. Never use a ladder again. The EZsmart Gutter Cleaning System comes with a 5 pound- 120 mph blower, an extension pole that reaches 18 feet high, a double sided rake attachment and a mirror attachment. The combination of these tools ensures that no debris gets left behind! The rechargeable battery, ladder free operation, downspout, rake and mirror attachments are incredible features that allow cleaning your gutters to be a breeze, so that way you can maintain your home and gutters all year round without paying someone to do it.  


EZsmart Gutter Cleaner Blower

  • Ladder-free operation 

  • Adjustable air nozzle for directional output control 

  • Long-lasting rechargeable 18V lithium-ion battery 

  • Gutter Cleaner Blower motor generates a powerful 120+ MPH airspeed 

  • Easily slides along gutters of all sizes, shapes and configurations

  • Downspout attachment

  • Easy on/off button


Ezsmart Gutter Rake

  • Removes the toughest wet gunk, weeds, mud and any other debris looming in your gutters
  • Double pronged rake for effective back and forth raking
  • Easy attachment to EZsmart extension pole

EZsmart Inspection Mirror

  • See what's in your gutters, and review your work without ever getting a ladder out
  • Easy attachment to EZsmart extension pole
  • Simultaneously see what's in your gutters and blow or rake out the debris



EZsmart Extension Pole

  • Universal extension pole for any type of tool
  • Super strong, ribbed pole for maximum strength
  • Reaches 18 feet, which easily reaches gutters on two story homes