5 DIY Tips For Improving Your Home's Value

Whether you want to sell your house, or live in it forever, it is so incredibly important to maintain your home. It’s very, very hard to sell a home that is not well maintained and there isn’t much incentive for wanting to stay in a home that isn’t well maintained either. On that note, maintaining your home can get costly, especially if you pay someone else to do it. Well, here we aren’t too eager to pay someone else to do our stuff. We like to save money and do it ourselves. So here are some affordable DIY tips for preserving and improving your home’s value going forward.

Color your walls!

Paint is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make a bold, noticeable change to your home. If your exterior paint is dull and starting to chip, maybe it’s time to pick a new color and go for it. Maybe you want to lighten up the interior, or paint your front door a fun new color. As long as you’re not going to anger the neighborhood association, you can’t go wrong! New, sharp looking paint is attractive to anyone just glancing or taking a more serious look at the house. Have fun with paint, but if you are going to sell your home soon be careful to find a happy medium between completely boring and completely out there. Grey is a great alternative to all white walls!

Cut energy costs by maximizing efficiency. 

If you take steps to maximize the energy efficiency of your home now, it could come back to help you a lot later on down the road. Many utility companies make energy audits available to prospective buyers so they know what kind of outlay they can expect to spend on utilities. Showing that your home is not on par with the space shuttle in terms of energy usage is a good thing and is a great for improving your home’s value! And plus, you can take all that money you’re saving and put it towards more improvements or just save it for a rainy day.

Do some landscaping. 

Landscaping can also help you out today and tomorrow. Today, get some fresh air! If you don’t spend a lot of time outside, it’s easy to forget how rewarding it can be to spend an afternoon planting flowers in the garden, a tree in the yard, or just doing simple yard work. Tomorrow, you’ll have a growing tree or a full-fledged garden to admire. Especially when it comes to trees, mature landscaping elements are viewed as big pluses for property value. There are so many low maintenance plants you can plant for sunny, shady and in between spaces.  Do you have a tree that causes a lot of shade and therefore have an area of grass that won't grow? Put mulch around the tree, it makes it look a thousand times better than dead grass.

Don't neglect basic maintenance. 

Doing the little things right is just as important as doing one big thing very impressively. So if the outside of your home has a bunch of trees and a pool and a waterfall but the inside has dusty corners, leaky faucets, toilets that don’t flush…. that’s no good. Stay on top of basic maintenance tasks so they don’t get worse, and so your whole home stays clean, organized and comfy.

Maximize indoor space.

Finally, taking steps to maximize your indoor space can transform the way you and your family experience your home, not to mention make it more welcoming to visitors. Depending on what kind of floor plan you’re working with, taking down unnecessary walls, adding more strategically placed storage, and rearranging furniture can make a big difference in the way you feel when you’re at home and if you are taking photos to sell the home. A nicely staged home sells a lot quicker than an empty or cluttered home. It’s all about that happy medium.

The good news is that all of these tasks can be completed yourself for relatively cheap. They can even be fun! Bribe your friends to come help, have a cookout afterwards, make it fun and enjoyable. The worst thing is to be grumpy about improving your home’s value and being sour while doing the projects! Have fun and know that it is well worth it!! Share photos with us of your DIY projects, ask questions, we are here for you!