How To Throw An Outdoor Halloween Get Together

Whether you’re more reserved or outgoing, you want to do Halloween right. There are many different types of ways to celebrate this holiday and no one way is better than the other. However, we have a couple of ideas to help better your halloween night experience this year.


First things first, you want to make sure the exterior of your home and your yard are in their best condition. I mean, the whole point of this holiday is for people to come to your house in search of some sugary goodness, right? You’ll want your place in tip-top shape.

Make sure you clean up the leaves in your yard. Bag them or mulch them up and use them as compost or mulch in your flower beds. Mulching your leaves is the easiest solution. For leaves, you don’t necessarily need a mulching lawn mower. You can rake them into a pile and mow over them with a regular lawn mower, or leave them in place and mow them into smaller pieces. The leaves will break down over the fall, winter and into spring, giving your lawn necessary nutrients, and your grass will come out looking a lot greener and healthier. If your gutters are not cleaned out, make sure you do that prior to clearing the lawn. 

If you have a garden, fallen leaves can be used as an insulation over the winter. Your perennials can survive the winter on their own due to their large root balls. However, it can still be beneficial to your perennials and other plants that you are overwintering to put some leaves in the garden and flower bed because they will help build soil fertility. 

Speaking of gardens, need any extra compost? Fallen leaves are perfect for that! They are rich in carbon and if you pair them with grass clippings that have nitrogen, you have a perfect compost mixture, and the grass clippings will help decompose it faster! Why have your lawn fertilized when you can do it yourself- for free- with the natural resources already available to you?

Letting your leaves serve as a mulch is our number one recommendation, and you can read more in our blog post on what to do with fallen leaves. 

Make sure siding and your roof are also in good shape. We have put together a full list of things to check right here.


Make sure your lawn has all of the necessary decorations for the occasion. There’s no need to go out and spend a lot of money on decorations, as there are plenty of DIY alternatives. Here are some ideas: 

  • Take orange tissue paper balls and cut out facial structures from black construction paper for artificial jack-o-lanterns.
  • If you do go with real pumpkins, paint them black. It gives them a more eery look and you can even use sticks to combine a couple pumpkins together, giving them different stances! Or go the classic route and carve them!
  • Stack two pumpkins on top of each other. On the bottom one, carve a skeleton’s arm and on the top pumpkin carve the hand as if it is grabbing at the stem. Put a few of these around your yard to spook it up! 
  • If you have a twill/stick wreath laying around, add some black felt bat cutouts to it. The simplest decoration you can add to the exterior of your home! 
  • If you can get your hands on a spare wood pallet or 2x4’s, they are perfect for making yourself a spooky casket for your front porch!
  • Get your hands on some white cotton or white Christmas tinsel garland. Both make great fake spider webs. Wrap it in bushes, put it in the corners of your garage, in your tree, on your front door, your mailbox...literally you can put this stuff anywhere and it’ll stay. Grab some fake spiders and throw them on there. Easy, spooky, cheap. 

Party Time!

Now it is time to figure out what the plan is for Halloween night! You could do the normal thing and watch TV all night until the doorbell rings...but that’s just plain boring. 

Here’s an idea: have yourself a little party! Invite over friends and have a little get together. You can pool together resources on candy. Go to Costco or Sam’s Club and buy candy in bulk, it will be much cheaper and will help you last longer into the night. 

If you have a fire pit, put it out in the driveway and circle it with chairs. Light it and use it as a source of light and heat. Keep your front house lights on so kids know that you are still handing out candy. Keep the candy nearby for trick-or-treaters instead of leaving it in the house. Grab yourself a large cauldron and put all of your candy in there. Either let the kids take what they want or distribute it yourself. You can even make it a more public affair that neighbors can come and get involved in. Perhaps add some games or activities for kids who stop by can partake in before heading to the next house.
Use a projector to either project lights or Halloween cartoons onto your garage door. Set the projector up on a chair or table and have it facing either the side of your house or garage door. As far as cartoon suggestions, we suggest Nightmare Before Christmas, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Casper and Halloweentown. The kids will love to get glimpses of these cartoons, and you’ll enjoy being brought back to your childhood, although this time maybe you have some wine and beer in hand :) 


Keep it cozy and simple. Butternut squash quesadillas, a pot of chili and caesar salad is perfect. For dessert, go simple and bake some cookies or prepare your own special pumpkin cake to keep your guests’ minds off of the sweets for the kids. If your driveway is amply lit, then pull the grill out there and have a little grill out. Autumn is the perfect season for a hearty, grilled meal. 

Have fun with it.

Buy or borrow a polaroid camera and make an interactive ‘photo wall’ that you can add pictures to throughout the night. You can put the pictures on your front door, garage, or just a stand alone board. Take pictures of the decor, your guests and let them take pictures and keep adding them throughout the night. You can let the guests take the pictures they want at the end of the night or keep them as a memory of the party. 

There are endless opportunities, have fun with it, be spooky...but not creepy, invite friends over, you don’t have to dress up to get into the spirit. Everyone will enjoy the simple effort. Have a very safe, very fun Halloween. Send us your pictures of your Halloween night!