Father's Day Gift Ideas: Essential Outdoor Tools

Tools. They are a man’s second best friend. So what better to get for Father’s Day than a nice tool to go along with his collection? But how on earth are you supposed to know what tool to get? Well, we are here to help you out and give our Father’s Day gift ideas! 

Think about your dad, husband, son, whoever you are giving a present to. What’s he like? I’m assuming he is pretty handy if you are reading this post. Or maybe thinks he’s handy? Tries to be handy? Whatever it may be he needs tools to be handy! What’s in his tool kit already? It wouldn’t hurt to go take a peek in it or in the shed. That will at least give you a place to start. If that still doesn’t provoke any ideas, then think about projects that he wants to accomplish. Has he mentioned anything that he wants to get done outside? Like maybe make a garden? Dig a pond? Build a pergola? Create a fire pit? Paint? Landscape? We’d bet that he would love if you helped him get started on a project! Or buy him a tool that will help him get started. 

So let’s start off with basic outdoor tools that we think are essential to have!

Pruning Tools

  • Pruning Shears 
  • Loppers 
  • Tree Pruners 
  • Hedge Clippers

Now for a garden we would recommend a pair of pruning shears. It’s a garden necessity. The nice thing about these garden tools as Father's Day gift ideas? They are cheap. Meaning you could put together a cool basket! 

Digging Tools

  • Shovels 
  • Spades 
  • Post Hole Diggers 

We would definitely recommend a shovel. A shovel is a really important tool to have and is key to getting a job done! Also you should consider a post hole digger. A post hole digger is used to dig narrow fences, signs, and other narrow things that go into the ground. They are nice to have around.


  • Landscaping rakes 
  • Shrub rakes

Both of these would be good for landscaping projects. You can find these at Home Depot for about $20. Perfect Father’s Day gift ideas. 


I love wheelbarrows! They are useful for a ton of outside chores. If your Dad, husband, or son does not have a wheelbarrow I would definitely get one. The average price for one is about $90. They are great for carrying a multitude of items and add so much ease to outdoor projects. Plus, if you are a female, we bet you could make it look really cute while it's not in use! 

And of course: A Gutter Cleaner/Blower

We can’t just not throw that in. Having a gutter cleaner that serves as a blower too is an essential item to have. Anyone can use our EZsmart Gutter Cleaner and if you don’t know already, keeping your gutters maintained is crucial to keeping your home in good shape. The worst thing would be to build a nice garden and then it all get flooded away due to overflow of your gutters. Our tool can be used as more than just to clean gutters and serves as a multi purpose blower! Reach out to us if you have any questions about it!

Other useful garden items that would make great Father’s Day gifts and are essential to have: axes, garden tool sets, weeders, garden hoes (definitely for creating a garden) pitchforks, tillers, cultivators and garden hoses. All of these can be found in the outdoor supply section at a local hardware store. A new lawn mower is also another option, can’t go wrong with a sleek new mower! Mowers do get expensive though. 

Other fun items, that aren’t tools, for the backyard for landscaping could be: mulch, soils, raised garden beds, shrubs, vines and plants! Does he like to cook? Maybe start him an herb or vegetable garden. Basil is pretty easy to grow and tastes so good in so many dishes, and is the main ingredient for pesto! Cilantro is fun to grow- but does burn easily and requires a bit more attention than basil. Tomatoes are pretty easy and so fun to watch grow.

Whatever you get him, he’ll love. We hope these Father’s Day gift ideas inspired some of your own ideas! Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there! You are appreciated! 


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