Gutter Cleaning Prices: How Much Does It Cost?

Gutter cleaning prices depend on several factors. Do you want to do it yourself or do you want to pay for a professional gutter cleaning service to come out? Your answer will greatly impact the cost! 

If you're going the Gutter Cleaner Professional route, these are some of the factors that will impact the price. 

Are you a residential home owner or a commercial building? 

The cost for commercial projects is going to be more expensive than a residential home, this is because of the large gutter area that will need to be cleaned on the building.

Residential homes have less gutter area and are therefore less expensive to clean. 


The height of a building

Home height plays a factor in the cost. Similar to a commercial building, The gutter cleaning prices will increase or decrease depending on the number of stories you have on your house. 

A single story home has the lowest rate while the rates increase with the rise in the stories and bigger roofs. Also, the higher the roof is off the ground the higher the amount of risk is for the cleaner. Those factors are taken into consideration for the costs.


The slant or pitch of the roof

If your roof is steep from all sides, then getting your gutters cleaned is going to cost you more. This will require the cleaning company to have taller ladders and stay up on them for a longer period.


The Size of Your Roof

The gutter cleaning price is going to increase with the size of your home. A larger home means a higher gutter cleaning price.


Condition of the roof

If you get the gutter cleaned regularly (which is recommended), you are going to be able to pay a significantly lower price. On the flip side, if you haven't got the gutter cleaned in ages and it's full of gunk and debris, be ready to pay a larger bill.



As with most prices, the higher demand, the higher the price. If it's off season you can find some companies that will give you a discounted rate on gutter cleaning prices because business is slow.

On average, we see pretty consistent prices. To have someone do it for you is going to run you on average about $200. Keep in mind, this is for a one-time cleaning. 

That's why the real savings come from doing it yourself.

And it's what we recommend.

Now if you're going to go out and do it yourself then the long run costs will be much lower because once you have a solution you can use it again and again. Assuming the equipment holds up. 

If you are going to do it yourself it can cost as little as getting on your roof and pulling out debris with your hands. (We do NOT recommend this because it's extremely dangerous). Or as much as several hundred dollars for all the equipment like a ladder, extension pole, yard blower with a gutter extension, or even a gutter cleaning robot.

That's why we made the EZsmart Gutter Cleaning System. It's everything you need to clean your gutters as often as you'd like without the need of a dangerous ladder or climbing up on your roof.

It comes with everything you need:

Clearly, doing it yourself is less expensive than having someone do it just once. With the EZsmart Gutter Cleaning System you can clean your gutters as often as they should be cleaned, which is several times per year. And the advantage of this all-in-one system is that you don't have to get on your ladder and risk your own life falling off of your roof! 

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