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Never Risk Another Injury on those dangerous ladders again. Our Gutter Cleaning Tools are ladder free.

"Not only is it a must have for cleaning gutters, it's also really convenient for cleaning my patio." 

Stay Grounded.

Now, you can effortlessly, and thoroughly, clean your gutters safely from the ground. The new EZsmart Gutter Cleaning System comes with a custom pole, attachable mirror and gutter rake to get the tough stuff out. 


With the mirror attachment you can now safely see what is in your gutters and immediately rake out any thick debris with the patented EZsmart Gutter Rake. The double sided rake attaches to the pole so you can see what is in your gutters and scoop out matted down, wet gunk simultaneously. Then use the powerful 120MPH blower to finish the job and easily maintain your gutters.


Engineered for perfection.  

Our Gutter Cleaning Tools are engineered exclusively for cleaning gutters. It took over 10 iterations to finally get it right. The rotating nozzle attachments make cleaning your gutters a breeze, no matter which way you are cleaning. No other gutter cleaning system on the market is as versatile, safe and user friendly as the EZsmart Gutter Cleaning System.